Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Home Town

Well, not really. But this is my house, on Main St in Rapid City, according to my driver's license. It's actually my horrible mail service, whom I do not recommend. They will be fired soon.

Just west of town is Thunderhead Underground Falls. The waterfall outside was pretty nice, so I decided to go in.

The coolest thing was the 600' tunnel to get to the falls. It was a gold mine until they went too far and water from the falls filled it up. Ooooops!

The falls themselves were rip-roaring, but not lit up enough to get a good picture.

Back in Rapid City, it was Central States Fair week. Yippee! I love looking at all the exhibits. The quilts were nice, but not as good as the ones I saw in Sisters, Oregon a couple years ago.

This scrumptious-looking piece of pie won second place! (Did I mention the fair had been going on awhile when I got there....)

A terrific chain-saw artist did this carving on a dead tree on the fairgrounds. I can't figure out how he got up there.

Some really limber street performers from England just happened to be passing through on their way to San Francisco.

I also liked looking at all the weird looking chickens.

This guy and his gal won "Best in Show." They looked pretty normal.

And this poor guy was looking for a woman.

Here's his personal ad -- he was dead serious!


  1. Looks like you had a great time there... I didn't know about the underground falls... But the next time we go through there we will surely visit them... Great pictures!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. I don't like "spitters" either.

  3. What kind of pie was that??? It didn't look too appetizing.

  4. Underground Falls and tunnel both really cool and interesting, thanks for posting pictures. (but no thanks on the pie!)

  5. So, who is going to handle you mail service when you those guys?

  6. Wow, I sure messed that up. What I meant to say is, Who is going to handle your mail service when you fire those guys?
    There I said it right that time.

  7. Haven't decided yet about the mail service. I'm not sure I need one, since I renewed my car registration when I was in Rapid City. Maybe I'll wait until next year.


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