Friday, February 22, 2013

It Never Snows in Southern Arizona -- Or Does It?

A rainy cold spell can turn the tops of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, AZ white. But I have never seen the snow line so low!

I'm parked at "Lake Moose Lodge." Perhaps I should have thought about this before I parked...

Last night a bunch of us went out to Superstition Skies to see my favorites, Brant and Kerry.

One of my new friends at the neighboring table was celebrating a birthday, complete with a donut cake. I took a picture hoping to get a donut. It worked!

Max showed up late with some white stuff on his shoulders. That can't be dandruff, can it?

Oh no! Everyone ran outside to get a look.

It's really snowing down here!!!

When I got home, my steps were covered with slushy material.

Today, we went out to the Elks Lodge to see the WINs who are parked there. There's still some white stuff on the Superstitions!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quartzsite, at Last!

Once again, I'm probably the last one to post on something. My excuse is that my computer broke and I had to get a new one.

In this giant tent is what most RVers come to Quartzsite to see - all the newest and greatest things for RVs.

Solar panels have really come down in price. And don't forget the 30% federal income tax credit!!! On panels and everything associated with solar systems. The panel would really only cost $202 after your tax savings.

But there is a lot more to Quartzsite than the RV show. You can get any old thing your heart desires here!

Ooooohhh - rusty stuff! I wonder how much the gas is.

There are all kinds of RVs here - from this double-decker bus -

To this monstrous combo.

Once again we went to Somewhere in Bouse. (Somewhere is the name of the bar.)

We had a private dinner and dance.

Our friend Millie from Moab sang some of the songs. We always love to see her.

The WINs put on an ice cream social for all the singles in town. The WIN women wore fancy hats -

Joann wore 5, and really enjoyed her ice cream.

Some of the group did a little night hiking. Not a good idea! Patricia thought she better wear this sign from now on.

Quartzsite is also famous for a legendary experiment with camels. There aren't any left here now, but just in case you find one, here's a good recipe. You can read the whole camel story here.

We also went to see the famous yodeler, Kerry Christensen, while we were in town.

He is quite the entertainer!