Saturday, November 28, 2020

Still Another Boring Post (Yawn.....)

You would think that with nothing going on, that I wouldn't be this far behind on the blog. This post covers the beginning of October to the beginning of November. I moved back to Kaibab National Forest one more time before it got too cold. This is a picture of our rigs in the distance.
Nearby was Kaibab Lake, a lovely place to walk. Here I am with my twin!
I was surprised at how few wildlife we saw, but we did see one Abert's squirrel near the lake. Notice the ear tufts.
When it got too chilly, I moved down the hill a little to Prescott Valley. The only exciting thing here was that the Elks Lodge was a voting place.
The line wrapped all the way around the parking lot, and hardly anyone was wearing a mask.
But they have the best sunsets there!
In late October, my sister and I flew East to clean out my father's house. He passed away in May at the age of 99.
Coming into Baltimore, where we could see some really nice Autumn colors.
Even better on the ground!
We donated my father's Triumph Spitfire to the local Triumph Club. He really enjoyed doing things with them. They auctioned it off and donated the proceeds to charity.
Then we drove his other car back to Arizona. It was a long drive through Virginia and Tennessee, but finally we crossed the Mississippi at Memphis.
I have always wanted to see Cadillac Ranch, and didn't realize that we would be going right by it. But because of the snow, I didn't walk out to it. Next time!
Finally in Arizona, we had a beautiful drive down from I40 into the Phoenix area. Then I drove back up to Prescott Valley to pick up my rig. I hope everyone is doing well, and not nearly as bored as I am. Stay healthy!