Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FMCA Rally

While in Indio, CA, we went to the FMCA Rally at the fairgrounds there. FMCA stands for Family Motor Coach Assn. - since I don't have a motor coach, I can't belong, but they let me in anyway.

You can pay a lot of money to stay here, crammed in like sardines, or you can stay for free at the casino and go in on a day pass - $10 per day, or $8 if you belong to FMCA. Guess what I did...

There were lots of good seminars to attend, although most of the presenters were selling something. All were indoors except for this one on Freightliner chassis, where they actually had a whole chassis. Only guys went to this one.

And if you wanted a new motor coach, there were plenty to look at.

This was my favorite - a 2013 Winnebago Tour 42 GD. It had the kitchen in the front - a great idea, which made for a very comfy living area.

There was even a parade! The theme was "Under the Big Top," in case you're wondering why a clown is carrying the flag.


Lots more clowns. This is the only parade I've been to where the old people get candy!

I loved this lion -

But the pooping elephant stole the show. There was even a pooper scooper following along behind.

While we were there a huge gust of wind came up. So glad we didn't park here...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hat Day at the Polo Grounds

The Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA have matches at 12 and 2 from January through March. Last Sunday was Opening Day and Hat Day.

Before the matches started, we wandered around the nearby gardens.

The first match begins! Each match has 5 "chuckers" which are 7 1/2 minutes each. The horses are changed each chucker.

Entrance to the match is free, unless you want the fancy seats on the other side. You can even tailgate right on the edge of the field for free on our side.

A short video showing how fast these horses can move - up to 35 miles per hour!

After the end of the 3rd chucker (like halftime, but really 3/5 time), the "crowd" is invited to walk across the field and do the "Divot Stomp." Everyone participates, even the dogs -

And the rich folks on the other side of the field.

We got a close up look at where the rich folds watch the match from...

Then it's time for the 2nd match.

Another "Divot Stomp" after the 3rd chucker, and this time we are promised free champagne! We all raced over, not doing a very good job on the divots, but unfortunately all the champagne was gone by the time we got there.

I did score some cake though...

The end of another perfect day!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Traveling Solo? Come Join Us in Quartzsite!

Some of you may have heard that the single RV group that I belong to, WIN, has recently changed management. Maynard (shown here in front) is now our leader. He has some great new ideas, and I think he'll give the organization a real boost. Our website is here.

So, if you will be in Quartzite from January 17 - 31, come by and check us out. We'll be 2 miles out on Plomosa Rd (33.757947, -114.178387). We get together at 4:00 each afternoon.

One thing Maynard has changed is that you no longer have to be under 70 to join. It is still an active group, but the age restriction is gone. If you would like to join, an application is on the left side of the blog under "Pages."

We like to hike,




And just go crazy!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Warning - Shamelessly Cheesy...

For Christmas, I ran over to San Diego to see my grandkids, Jonathan and Mara. This is a picture I put together for a plate, bowl, & mug set I had made for Jonathan. The company I used is here.

Gingerbread houses are essential in Christmas preparations. Jonathan concentrated on getting the frosting on the roof just right-

But Mara had a different idea...

Even though the song goes, "It Never Rains in Southern California," every time I go visit them, it rains. This visit was no different, but at least we got a good rainbow out of it. Aren't the kids good posers?

Finally, the big day arrives. This is the quietest you will ever see the kids...

It took about 5 minutes to open all the presents, even with posing for pictures.

Looking forward to lots of fun over the next few days!

That evening, we all went over to the other grandparents house for dinner. This is just a small portion of the decorations they have, including 3 full-size trees.

And this is just one of the 3 fried turkeys they made.

A typical picture of the 5 cousins -

And the day ended with a great sunset.

The next few days involved a lot of Lego assembly, but Jonathan did not need any help. He's quite the engineer!

But the best Christmas present of all was their brand new dog, Coco. Not only did the kids get a new friend, but Coco got a home and family for Christmas. Now that is one lucky dog!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Okay, So I'm a Little Bit Behind on the Blog....

While parked at the Red Earth Casino, we went down to see the Salton Sea. The sea was formed by a massive flood of the Colorado River in 1905.

If you've ever wanted waterfront property at a reasonable price, this seems to be the place. I don't understand why no one has grabbed this one up. There is sometimes a bad smell here, but nothing today.

Beautiful birds all over the place!

I don't really know the whole story, but obviously there was some kind of catastrophic event since the formation of the sea.

The tiny community of Salton Sea Beach was all decked out for Christmas.

And look - another Christmas Parade! (Someday, I WILL catch up...)

This place is so small, they don't have a real mayor, just an honorary one.

Everyone and everything was dressed up for the holidays -

Even the sheriff's boat.

Finally, Santa and Mrs. Claus!