Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot Sulphur Springs

This is a really cool town, or should I say hot? Free camping at Pioneer Park, one block from town and two blocks from--

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort. It costs a whopping $17.50 a day to enjoy their 26 pools, but with the free camping, it all evened out.

Most of the pools are spread out on the hillside, and connected with a boardwalk. Each pool was a different temperature, from 95 degrees to 112 degrees, and labeled so you could find one that was juuuuust right.

Over 200,000 gallons of natural hot mineral-rich water flow through the pools and baths every day, so much that they do not need to add chemicals, filter or re-circulate the water.

Some were indoors.

Some partially covered, and a regular swimming pool in the background used town water.

My favorite, the Ute Cave pool, had its own massage waterfall.

Inside were historical pictures of the springs. This one was from the late 1800s.

And this was how it looked 23 million years ago.

Driving around town, I immediately spotted this sign. Wow!

Quite a take, huh? I even got a spare receiver exactly like my DirecTV receiver.


  1. Wow, thats my kind of deal, free everything. I loved the pics and I would love to be able to visit the springs. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Diana, take care!

  2. Where is this place? Sounds like I want to check it out sometime.

  3. Sorry, Judy. I always try to put the state but I forgot. It's in Colorado.

  4. What's that 'big barefooter?' Are you going to do some surfing?

  5. I'm going on a houseboat, remember? Can't I ride the surf?


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