Monday, December 19, 2016

Joshua Tree National Park

After Thanksgiving at Borrego Springs, the group moved on to Indio. While there, we went to the Tamale Festival. It was great, with lots of different flavors available. I had blueberry.

After Indio, 4 of us decided to go to see Joshua Tree National Park. On our first day, we drove through the park. Near the southern Visitor's Center, we visited this oasis.

We saw Skull Rock -

And some unusual rock formations.

On our second day there, John, Judy and I went on a couple hikes. The first was my favorite, to Wall Street Mill. It starts out with a stroll through the Joshua Trees.

But there are side attractions to see, starting out with the ruins of this old pink building.

And - wait for it - RUSTY STUFF!

And more rusty stuff!!!

We made it to the mill! It was a gold processing mill that operated from the Depression in the 1930s until 1966.

We also did the Barker Dam loop. First up were the "Disney Petroglyphs," so named because a movie company painted over them for a movie.

So I guess they became pictographs, instead of petroglyphs.

Barker Dam was built by cowboys to water their cattle. No water when we were there.

Judy and I at the dam.

Beautiful sunsets every night!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanksgiving in the Desert

For Thanksgiving, I met up with the WINs in Borrego Springs. This is the 20th year that they have had their Thanksgiving celebration here.

Thanksgiving was nice and warm, unlike some of the years we've been here. There was enough food for Thanksgiving, leftovers on Friday, and soup on Saturday.

One day we went on a 4-wheel drive trip through Split Mountain Canyon.

There were some unique geological features along the way.

At one point we stopped to hike up to the Wind Caves. It was very steep...

But the caves were really interesting.

And then on Sunday, Corrie, Brian and my grandkids, Mara and Jonathan, came to visit and look at the metal sculptures in the area.

They had been here 3 years ago, and wanted to see several of them again, including the largest, the giant Serpent.

It's back end is all the way across the road.

Mara kept Willy's Jeep from running over poor Jonathan.

But this is the one they wanted to see the most - they wanted to dance with the Velociraptors!

Do you think they take after their Grandma?