Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Island in the Sky

I have not been with the WINs for about 4 months now, but rejoined them in Moab, Utah for the start of the CUACK (Colorado Utah Arizona California Kayaking) circuit. We're parked really snugly at 2 sections of the Gold Bar group area, right on the Colorado River south of town.

Our first activity was a 4-wheel drive trip up to the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands. You can get there on a paved road, but we went up Long Canyon instead.

It started out pretty easy, cute even!

Uh-oh! Trouble ahead at Pucker Pass. There's a really big hole up there with lots of sand in it.

Nancy had no trouble at all, even driving one handed so she could cheer with the other.

One thing we always say, "It's better to watch the show than be the show." Austin is stuck down there. Bertie pulled him up, with about 100 feet of combined tow ropes. She is really fearless!

Our first stop once we got to the top was Dead Horse Point. Down below us is the Colorado River and the Shafer Trail that we are going to go back on.

Remember that point with the arrow, I'll talk about it later.

Next stop was Mesa Arch, where you can get a beautiful picture of the arch with Washer Woman underneath. Can't see the Washer Woman?

Here's a close up. She's on the left.

Of course I had to do the touristy thing of walking across the arch. There's a BIG dropoff on the other side.

Then we went to the Green River Overlook, where you can see the Green River before it meets up with the Colorado River south of here.

There is more to see in Island in the Sky, but we have a long trip home, so here we go. That's our road??? Oh dear....

It's actually a pretty good road, although a little scary. You don't even need 4-wheel drive, although high clearance would be nice.

Here we are at the point I showed you from above. It's called Thelma and Louise Point, because it's where the final scene of the 1991 movie "Thelma and Louise" was filmed.

Thelma and Louise drove off the cliff in a cloud of dust, rather than surrender. They actually had to film the scene twice and waste 2 cars because in the first take, one of the mannequins fell over.


  1. I love Moab!!! It is good to see pictures of Gold Bar, and scenery as well. Tell all we said, "HI!"

  2. Reminds me of last year. I love that trip. But you are brave. Last year no one would walk all the way across. I got up there, but got down quickly. Tell everyone "Hello".

  3. What beautiful lands!! I hope I can go see that one day before I die. It was cool to see the place where they shot the scene for Thelma and Louise. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stunning, that area has got to be one of the worlds top spots. I have a friend who has rafted the Colorado twice and her pictures have been awesome. One day maybe.....

  5. You got guts! Wish I could have been there! Great pictures, and I love Utah. Theresa

  6. Im getting "my deam home" sickness looking at your photos!..I went to this lovely area last yr. and was tempted to take a waitressing job and STAY!..After all if it was good enough for the DUKE it's good enough for me. I Was in Moab last Saturday!!! Dang wish I had known you were there, would love to meet you and the WINS!..I cant think of a better spot to spend the Winter than the states you mentioned! ENJOY--and be careful I remember what that drop off was like!!

    Hope you enjoy your trip to L. Powell...the weather was perfect when we were there last week!

  7. Wow, that place is spectacular looking... Thanks for posting the pictures.

  8. My you are brave! Not sure I would have walked across.


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