Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Found Ruts!

I've always wanted to see some really good Oregon trail ruts, and the best ones are located near Guernsey, WY.

Over 400,000 pioneers used this trail, and their wagon wheels wore deep ruts in the soft stone. The 2000 mile journey took 4-6 months. The Oregon Trail was used from about 1841 until the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869.

In this part of Wyoming, all three of the major trails used the same path. The Oregon trail, the California trail, which began when gold was discovered in California in 1848, and the Mormon trail, where 70,000 folks inspired by religious fervor followed Brigham Young to the Salt Lake Valley.

Less than a mile from the ruts in Register Cliff, one of the overnight camp locations in the area.

While they were resting here, the pioneers carved their names, where they were from, and the date or year.

Although there are quite a few newer entries, you can find a lot from the Oregon trail time period.

This one was the easiest to read , probably because black paint was put in the cracks.

Swallows really like the cliff too.

Thousands of pioneers died along the trail, many from cholera, and some are buried under the cliff.


  1. Hey! They look just like the ruts we saw last year! LOL That is incredible to imagine whay they went through. We are so soft.

  2. Only the strong and determined survived that trek. An average of about 15 miles per day is not bad when you think of all the obstacles they met.

  3. Did you also visit the fort near there too? We saw these last year when we came through.

  4. Hi Diana...what a super spot to see!Can you imagine traveling over that tough terrain in a wagon?? Holy Smokes...and those swallow nests look like perfect pottery!
    And 100 yr old grafitti! Thats awesome..they certainly left their mark on this country. Great photos n great blog!

  5. Great pictures! Remindes me of trips I took with my husband. We always wanted to see the "Oregon Trail" We did Coloroado every other year. Good memories!

  6. I have a huge fascination with the Oregon Trail. It's one of my favorite periods in American history. I'd love to see those ruts.


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