Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Lake

After driving all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park, you come to the tiny town of Grand Lake. It's a cute tourist town.

But the best thing about it was that you used to be able to stay two nights in a parking lot in the center of town for free.

Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. They apparently don't enforce it, however. The lady across the street said it would probably be okay, and it was, at least for one night.

On this side of the park, the tiny, brand new Colorado River flows. It's really neat to see the mighty Colorado in its infancy. See all the brown trees around? They are all over Colorado.

The damage is caused by mountain pine beetles. The beetles kill the trees by boring through the bark where they feed and the females lay eggs. Trees can die within 2 weeks. I think in a few years there will be no pine trees left! So sad!

I found another pretty waterfall, Adams Falls, on the east side of Grand Lake. I had to break a few laws to get this shot.

In case you want to move here, you should know that the real estate prices in Grand Lake are out of sight. This little bungalow, about the size of a garage, is going for $240,000!

The town of Grand Lake is located on a lake named Grand Lake. I'm sorry I didn't get the story of this statue, but I just wanted a foreground for the sunset.


  1. "the tiny, brand new Colorado River flows. It's really neat to see the mighty Colorado in its infancy."

    Shame on you for helping to spread that misinformation. The Grand River starts in Grand Lake, in Grand County. Then it flows down to join the Gunnison River, at the city of Grand Junction.

    The legislature of Colorado renamed the Grand River just for chauvinistic reasons and to pull in tourists.

  2. My Goodness! If someone is going to leave a critical comment, they can at least own up to it and give their name!

  3. Very beautiful pictures, Im so glad I found your blog, I feel like Im traveling with you!

  4. Oh forgot also that that is very sad about the trees also.

  5. It is a cute little town. I'm glad they let you stay.

    Pretty shot of the Colorado. At least that's what it's called on my map. :-)

  6. Well, whatever it's name, it was a great picture. I've got a new name for Anonymous..@#%$head!!


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