Friday, December 20, 2013

Hanging Out in the Desert

After the Dance Rally in Wickenburg, I moved west to Quartzsite. Although I've been here many times before in the January "busy season," I'd never been here before when it wasn't crowded. I LOVED it! Lots of space to park.

While here, I got a 3rd solar panel. It's only 85 watts, but that's all that would fit between the other two. It brings my total wattage to 325 watts. I don't need that much in the summer, but it really helps in the winter.

It was here that I first saw the pink color at sunset. I flew out here in 1998, thinking that I would never get to Quartzsite otherwise.

I was still working long hours during tax season.

From Quartzsite, I moved down to Yuma to join the WINs for their Christmas/New Years celebration.

You would think I'd have some pictures besides sunsets, but the sunsets here have been pretty spectacular lately! I'll try to do better in the coming week.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mara Gets Chased by a Giant Sloth!

On Sunday, daughter Corrie and grandkids Mara and Jonathan joined me in Borrego Springs to see the sculptures in the desert near town. Mara got chased by a giant sloth, but fortunately escaped.

The Velociraptors were much friendlier, dancing with both Jonathan -

And Mara. The kids seem to enjoy dancing as much as their Grandma!

They were very helpful, trying to push Willy's Jeep over the rock pile.

Much better than being on the other end! (By this time, Jonathan was really getting into it...)

After all this hard work, we went back to the gathering for the WIN's ice cream social. Mara was just amazed that I had so many friends in the middle of nowhere.

On Saturday, Ted led us on a 4-wheel drive trip through Grapevine Canyon in Anza Borrego Park.

Most of the participants...

The majority of the trip was through a wash, but there was some more challenging sections.

The park has some great 4-wheel drive trails. It was a great week! Even though I come here most years, I got to see some things this year that I hadn't seen before. And the grandkids made it even more special!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in the Desert

After the Dance Rally, we headed over to Borrego Springs, CA for our annual WIN Thanksgiving in Borrego Springs, CA.

We had beautiful weather, and LOTS of food.

We're patiently waiting for our number to be called so we can grab up the food.

FINALLY! But I needn't have worried - of course, there was tons of food, enough for leftovers the next day, and soup the following day.

One thing I really wanted to do here was go to see the Stone Eagle. It's outside of Warner Springs. It's amazing how much it looks like an eagle!

I first read about it on Al and Kelly's blog last week. For better pictures, and directions, read their blog here.

On another day, Richard led us on a hike high above our rigs to see the Stone Snake.

Wow - there it is. Note the forked tongue!

Yay! We made it!