Monday, January 28, 2019

Lots of Four Wheeling around Quartzsite

One day a large group of WINs went out into the desert where Patton trained his troops in World War II.

We were looking for remnants from the training ground - aka RUSTY STUFF! We wandered all over the area - and voila!

We all found some bullets, clips and casings!

I got 2 bullets (one in perfect condition), a clip, and some interesting rocks. Seems like a bad idea for an RVer to collect rocks, but I do it anyway...

On another day, we went into the desert to see this cute little arch.

Several people climbed to the top, but I was too chicken. I could probably have gotten up, but getting back down would have been a challenge...

Then on my last day there, about 12 4-wheelers went on a very long drive through the desert to see the White Tanks.

The scenery was gorgeous the whole way.

We finally got there, and it involved a bit of rock scrambling to see the tanks.

But we made it!

This is where wild animals come to get a drink. We were hoping to see some Bighorn Sheep, but no such luck.

After we were done scrambling, we sat around and had a nice lunch. Don even brought some grills!

Where am I off to next? Well, this fortune cookie that I got was right on the money!

Friday, January 25, 2019

On to Quartzsite!

One of my very favorite gatherings of the year is in Quartzsite, AZ. That's because it's our largest WIN gathering of the year, and I get to see lots of people I haven't seen in awhile.

I got there before the gathering started, and my friends, Polly and Doris, invited me out to see rusty stuff at an old ghost town. Sign me up! It was 40 miles away in the old town of Midland, CA.

Wow! Rusty stuff!!!

But if you go over to the wash, you can find lots of old rusty stuff -

And pieces of ceramic pottery!

This ocotillo was an unusual shade of red.

The WINs also went to see the Bouse Fisherman Intaglio.

It's a little hard to make out - it used to be a lot more visible.

And we saw the big Quartzsite directional arrow for airplanes.

Beautiful scenery all around!

And then the Big Tent opened. Lots of interesting stuff there.

This booth wasn't very popular....

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Together Again!

The last time my whole family was together was over 4 years ago! The little one was just 4 months old, and now she's 4 1/2! That's what happens when your kids live on opposite sides of the US. My daughter and her family (on the right) and I flew east for Christmas and New Years to see my son and his family (on the left.)

AND, my almost-98-year-old father drove down from Pennsylvania to join the fun!

Here's my father with his great grandchildren.

On Christmas Eve, my son put on a great dinner for us. My niece and her 2 sons joined us.

And of course there was cookie making involved.

Almost bed time! Do they look excited or what!

Christmas morning was lots of fun for everyone, although I got up a little late to see the beginning. (Jet lag...)

There was lots of princesses among the toys, of course.

And then on Christmas night, we had a wonderful dinner at my niece's house.

My kids, together again.

On another day, we went to the National Air and Space Museum.

The kids in front of the space shuttle Discovery.

Another meal out. It was a great time! Hopefully, it won't be another 4 years before we all get back together.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Indio with the WINs - a Great Time!

After my time in Apache Junction, I rejoined the WINs in Indio, CA. We parked at the Fantasy Springs casino there, and were treated to great sunsets and views of snow on the mountains to the west.

I really wanted to go see the murals in town. They are spectacular! Most have to do with the history of the area.

This one was different, and my favorite. Beautiful hummingbirds!

We also visited the Coachella Valley Preserve.

The palm trees there are just magnificent!

We went on a hike through the palm trees -

And walked up a hill where we looked down on them.

The casino next to ours, Spotlight 29, had a Pow Wow one day. The dancers were moving so fast it was hard to get a picture.

Some of the headdresses were just incredible!

We also went to Shields Date Garden for lunch and to see the movie, "The Romance and Sex Life of the Date."

After lunch, we walked through their garden out back.

We got to see some of the ladders that they must climb to pick the dates. Scary!

And I went over to the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center. They take care of birds that are injured. They were all really cute and pretty friendly.

Indio was a great stop!