Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Much Did I Spend in 2009?

Being a former accountant, I can't help but keep track of every penny I spend! If you are thinking of going on the road, I hope this will help. Think about what you would spend for each catagory. For example, my biggest expense is health insurance. If you don't need that, your expenses may be much less. But if you want a big motorhome, your repair expenses will be much more.
To see my expenses for 2007 and 2008, click here.

Some additional comments:

I am not trying to be particularly frugal. If I see something I want, I buy it. For example, I bought 2 new cameras this year. But I always try to get the best deal possible.

Miscellaneous "stuff" includes non-consumable supplies, gifts, dues for Escapees, Moose, and WIN, and unaccounted for items.

Not included in my list are 2 things:
1. Income taxes
2. Cost of vehicles, or loss of value on the vehicles

I hope this will help you decide if you can afford a life on the open road!


  1. Thanks, details like this are always interesting, because I'm sure many of us secretly ask the question "I wonder how much does it all costs". It seems to me to very comparable with living in a house for a year and its like your'e on holiday for the whole 12 months at no extra cost. Look forward to all your travels, pictures and stories in 2010. Dave

  2. I dont know if I could afford it but I sure would love to try :o)

  3. Very interesting. I sure hope I didn't spend that much, but since I'm not an accountant, I'm blissfully unaware.

  4. I am glad to see I am not the only one who keeps a spreadsheet of costs.

  5. One thing Im really good at is livig on a shoe string---Due to necessity--Its good that you dont have to go without....Insurance seems to be eating most of your budget tho...Ive always thought of it as legal extortion!! I'm one of those "bullet proof" people Obama was speaking of...lol. Great to know what it costs to live on the road!!

  6. Less than $5.00 a day for camping is pretty impressive. Fuel and camping are the two areas that one has a great deal of control.

  7. Hi Diana.. you show $ 2789 for gas in 2009, how many miles did you travel that year and how many for 2010 ? I've tried to contact you but I get a reply back saying the yahoo account is not a valid e-mail.. Porsick@gmail.com


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