Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Custer State Park

The Needles Highway, named for these needle-like granite formations, in Custer State Park south of Rapid City, SD, is a beautiful drive.

And near one of the tunnels on the road is a unique rock formation called the "Needle's Eye."

But the best thing about the park is the abundant wildlife, including 1500 buffalo.

Including this huge guy.

This pronghorn antelope is wearing a collar with antenna. So the visitors center can direct people to where he is?

The "begging burros" are the only animals you are allowed to feed.

He ate the grapes we offered, but soon went off looking for something better.

These guys end up all over the front of your car, usually not in this good a condition.

Cute little prairie dogs are everywhere.

This was a great find -- male bighorn sheep, relaxing among the trees. But where are the women?

They were several miles down the road, heading away from the guys. I tried to tell them where the guys were, but they wouldn't listen. Maybe they had a fight!


  1. Fantastic wildlife, love the bison.

  2. Diana, great pics of one of my fav places. I got to do Needles Hiway on my new Harley this summer.

  3. Custer is a GREAT park. We had intended to visit there this year, but a contract opportunity that came up limited our travel for 2009. We did get to spend some time there 2 years ago.

    Great pictures!

    Mike Goad
    ...on the road near Ouray, Colorado, heading to Mesa Verde soon....
    Haw Creek Out n' About

  4. Jim is right. the best way to do that road is on a Harley!!

  5. Wow! I can't believe all the animals you saw. All we saw were the welfare burros.

    (Weird, my word verification is 'solar' - what are the chances?)

  6. The pronghorn has an antenna so he can get on-line and read your blog, just like us! Enjoy your pics and narrative. (I too love my SX110is). regards, Craig


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