Saturday, February 12, 2022

Okay, Now I'm Really Far Behind...

After my time in Apache Junction, I moved to Yuma, the sunniest city in the US. I first stayed at Paradise Casino, within walking distance of the Colorado River.
There are some nice trails there, and you can walk under the "Ocean to Ocean Highway," where the first bridge over the Colorado River is located. It's still there and in operating condition.
But the main reason I love Yuma is because of their great ukulele group. We get together twice a week, and have performances almost every week. Here we are performing at Yuma Venture RV Park in early December.
In mid-December, I moved over to the BLM land behind the VFW where the WINs gather for Christmas and New Years. We get lots of "Trains, Planes and Automobile" noise there, but it's convenient.
One day, I went to the Tamale Festival in Somerton. It was packed!
Before Christmas, I went over to San Diego to see my Grandkids and their parents. Mara and Jonathan are here with their adorable cousins. Mara is on the left and Jonathan is in the black sweatshirt.
We went over to the other grandparents' house where they each decorated a gingerbread house.
Wow! These kids are really good at this!
One night we drove over to Starlight Circle to see the fancy neighborhood decorations.
Jonathan and Mara made some intricate beaded Christmas ornaments. They had to copy some that I made a long time ago, because I couldn't find the instructions...
But they did great!
I went back to Yuma for Christmas, where I had a delicious dinner with Sally, Marlene, and Tom.
Merry Christmas, just a tad late!