Monday, February 18, 2019

80 Million Butterflies!

The day after I arrived, we went on a 2-day tour to the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

We had a choice of walking up to where the butterflies were, or riding a horse up. Since we were at 10,000 feet elevation, I chose the horse. But if I had it to do ever again, I'd walk. The horse I got didn't seem very stable.

There are supposed to be 80 million monarch butterflies spending the winter here. I don't know who counted them, but I wouldn't argue with them. The trees are covered with them!

A closer view -

And even closer!

Sometimes they get very attached to you!

I took lots of videos, but this one was the best.

After we walked back down the hill, we went shopping at all the booths by the parking lot.

You can find anything butterfly-related here!

Since this is a two-day tour, we spent the night in a cute little hotel. The rooms aren't that exciting, but -

The hot springs definitely were! Nancy, Janet and I are enjoying them here while Rosemary took our picture.

The next day we went on a couple of hikes. I even found some rusty stuff!

But the best hike was to Bridal Veil Falls! Here's Nancy, Rosemary and I with our guide, Pablo.

This was definitely one of my best trips ever!