Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Red Canyon and Panguitch

While in the area of Bryce Canyon, the WINs stayed at an RV Park (gasp!) in Panguitch, UT. It was quite far to Bryce Canyon NP, but it was closer to go to Red Canyon, part of the National Forest. There were quite a few good hikes there.

One day, Leda, Elaine and I went on the Golden Wall and Castle Bridge trails. The hoodoos were pretty spectacular.

I think this is Castle Bridge, reached after a bit of a climb.

Leda on the way down.

And Elaine showing that she made it to the top.

That night we went to the Senior Pro Rodeo in Panguitch. It was pretty dark in the arena, so this is the best photo I got.

The next day, Dave and I did the Arches trail in Red Canyon. It was great - with 15 arches to be seen.

We didn't find them all, but saw quite a few.

Dave on the trail -

And me in front of some of the arches.

Panguitch is famous for the "Quilt Walk," which happened in 1864, when 7 Mormon men saved the town by going across the mountain in winter to get supplies. They were unable to go any farther, until they discovered that if they walked across the quilts they had, they could get over the snow.

The town is really cute, and we certainly enjoyed our time here.

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  1. Thanks Diana. Love the blog as always. Hope you're having a good time overseas. We just had our kickoff meeting here in Twin Falls.


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