Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rafting the Colorado River

Looking down from the Visitors Center at the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, AZ, you can see some blue rafts used to go down the river to Lee's Ferry. But how do you get down there? There is a long tunnel that goes down through the rock cliff! It comes out just to the left of the center of the picture.

The next day, we rode down through the tunnel and went on a tour on the rafts. We had a great view leaving the dam.

There were 11 WINs, but I couldn't get them all in the picture.

We had a couple stops along the way, mostly for potty breaks.

At the first stop there were some nice petroglyphs, mostly pronghorns. There's another row of them near the ground.

What are all those people looking at up on the cliff? We'll find out tomorrow...

Back in the boats, we saw some wildlife, including this Great Blue Heron.

As we continued down river, the cliffs got even higher.

We made another short stop -

And then arrived at our destination - Lee's Ferry. This is where the rafts take off to go down through the Grand Canyon. If you miss this take-out point, it's a very long trip!


  1. Great pictures - that looks like it was a nice trip. I haven't seen a Great Blue Heron in ages - this guy's a beauty! I stopped at the Visitor's Center today and got some photos of the bridge and the dam. :)

  2. Oh marvelous!!! the slow drift...have done the whitewater in the Colorado, but I think the slow drift is more to my liking these you have to arrange your own transport at Lee's Ferry?

    1. No, the bus ride back is included in the cost of the trip.

  3. Bet you'd love to do the long rafting trip down the Colorado. Or maybe not, not too much rusty stuff down there... ;c)


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