Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Many Pools Hike, Take 3

From Page, the WINs moved up to Mount Carmel Junction, UT, where we had easy access to the upper portion of Zion National Park.

There is a secret hike there, Many Pools, that I did twice last year and offered to lead some of our group there again. We took a group shot early, so we weren't too tired and spread out.

From the "trailhead" we just headed uphill over the slickrock -

Passing pool after many pools.

The first time I was here last year, there were many frogs laying eggs and making lots of noise. This year, the romantic stuff was over, but there were lots of big tadpoles.

And Dave managed to find one small frog.

As we continued uphill, the slickrock became more and more beautiful!

Looking back down the hill. I can't believe I'm ahead of a few of them!

We finally turned around and headed back down. If you are interested in doing this hike, the Visitors Center in Zion will give you the information, but you have to ask. It's also in the AllTrails app.

While we were in the area, we stopped to walk up to some hoodoos that were nearby.

A great day!


  1. That looks like an interesting hike hat even Kathy could handle. Thanks for the Heads Up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. All those pools and no one took a dip? ;c)

  3. Beautiful hike - I would have liked that one! I backpacked up in Yosemite, way up the slick granite slabs, and we saw many pools, too. Some with small Golden Trout in them. I can imagine how much everyone enjoyed Many Pools. Next time... :)

  4. SO cool! The tadpoles have the prefect spot to grow into frogs.

  5. That is a great area to hike in. Last fall we went up the canyon past the pools. The maple trees were turning red and it was just gorgeous! It did involve quite a bit of rock scrambling but that made it even more fun :-)

  6. Great hike!! Very interesting area!!


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