Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Page Two

The town of Page, AZ did not exist before the Glen Canyon dam was built on the Colorado River in 1950. There's a nice overlook where you can get a view of the dam -

And the undammed river downstream.

Behind the dam is Lake Powell.

In the background you can see the marina.

We ate lunch at Stromboli's, where the calzones are big enough for 4 meals!

One day, 6 of us started out on a beautiful trail. The yellow Princes Plume flowers were stunning.

The bees liked them too.

There was lots of pollen in the air.

We climbed into this canyon -

Where a scary monster greeted us.

We walked a little ways, but the trail kept climbing in and out of the canyon, so 4 of us turned around and went to a different trail.

The trail by the dam to the Hanging Gardens was pretty too, and much easier.

The Hanging Gardens, full of Maidenhair Ferns, and a few other things.

It's so amazing to see them growing out of the rock!


  1. Amazing those ferns growing out of the rock. I can't even grow plants in good soil! ;c)

  2. Nice photos, especially the Calzone. I've never seen one before. It's HUGE! :)

  3. Those ferns are incredible!! I don't see how they grow like that!!
    Now that was one large calzone!!

  4. Nice to see it all again. Love the photos.


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