Friday, May 26, 2017

White Pocket - Second Only to the Wave!

While the WINs were in Mt Carmel Junction, they went to Kanab every day to enter the Wave permit lottery. Only 10 people a day get permits in the walk-in lottery, and there's usually about 150 entries each day this time of the year. Three WINs did get to go, but not the others.

I've been there 4 times before, so I didn't enter. But we got really lucky when Dave met a guy at the lottery, Don, who had a Jeep and was going to White Pocket the next day. He invited 3 of us to go along! WOW!!!!! I have always wanted to go there!

So the next day, Dave, Donna and I met up with Don (the 4 D's), and off we went. It's a pretty long drive on a sandy trail, so you need a good 4-wheel drive. But the first views are incredible!

There are strange swirly rocks everywhere you looked.

There's no trail, so you just make your own way.

More swirls...

We did a lot of rock scrambling, stopping to take pictures every 3 seconds.

The various shades of red, pink, yellow and brown rocks are due to the oxidation of iron-bearing minerals within the sandstone.


Looking up at our group -

And down at the strange designs in the rock.

Another view -

Then we started back, trying not to get lost.

Dave was a great poser.

On the way home, we stopped to see some rusty stuff out in the middle of nowhere.

Also on the way home, we got a small view of South Coyote Buttes. A permit is needed to go into there, but it is pretty easy to get. The Wave is in North Coyote Buttes.

What a great day! Thanks, Don!


  1. You are a womderful story teller Diana

  2. Wow, what an adventure. Thanks for sharing your fabulous pics!

  3. Even more amazing than the wave with all that white mixed in...terrific!

  4. That was different - really interesting. I'm not sure it's second - maybe first! Great shots! :)

  5. Four "D's"? I'd give that trek an A+! :cD


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