Friday, May 19, 2017

A Couple Great Hikes

Yesterday, when we were on the river, we saw a crowd of people on the rim staring down at us. Why?

We were going around Horseshoe Bend, a beautiful overlook, but not nearly as impressive from the water.

We saw lots of scary posing, but this was as close to the edge as I was willing to get...

On another day, 9 of us did a hike that I have always wanted to do - Waterholes Canyon. It's on the Navajo reservation and requires a permit, but we got permits and are good to go. Dropping down into the canyon was a little difficult, but we did it.

There were some other difficult places, but all do-able.

Looking back at the ones behind me - wow, I can't believe there were some behind me!

We found a dead baby rattle snake -

And another dead animal - I think this was a Ring-tailed Cat.

After we went down a little farther, the canyon was just beautiful -

With lots of gorgeous swirls.

When we got to this ladder, some of us turned around, including me. The scary part was that the ladder didn't go all the way to the top, so I was worried about getting back down.

On the way back, I stopped to look at this Sacred Datura, a poisonous plant sometimes used as a hallucinogen.

It was full of water from the rain.

I went back past our entry point to where the canyon goes under US Hwy 89. I really wanted to see this!

There's a very old rusty car under the bridge. I don't know the story, but it has to be sad.

We're moving north tomorrow!


  1. What great hikes!! Those swirls are just beautiful. I don't think I would go up that ladder either!
    Yes, I agree, probably a sad story to that old rusty car!!

  2. wow, that was a great hike! Beautiful shots. :)

  3. too cool ! you always do cool stuff , i want to come and hang out with you guys and gals !

    1. You are more than welcome to come join us!

  4. Gorgeous canyon shots. You do take some great hikes and I love seeing your pictures because I know we'll never get there.

  5. OHHH what fun to glide around the horseshoe! It is a spectacular view up there. Have to find the story of that car!!


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