Saturday, May 27, 2017

More of Zion

One day we went into the valley of Zion National Park to see the sights. Zion has gotten to be a very popular park, and you must get there early to get a parking place so that you can ride the shuttle. We started out at the Grotto and hiked over to the Emerald Pools. There are great views from the trail.

We went first to Middle Emerald Pool, which used to be more scenic before the trees and bushes grew so big.

And then we went down to Lower Emerald Pool.

We walked out another trail, and got back on the shuttle at the Lodge.

We said hi to this Black-headed Grosbeak -

And then headed over to Weeping Rock -

Where we saw some deer.

And this cute little guy having lunch.

WE hopped back on the shuttle and went down to the Zion Human History Museum. The view out the back door Of the Altar of Sacrifice and the West Temple is amazing.

In the movie at the museum, we saw pictures of an unknown arch nearby. We asked where it was at the Visitors Center, and I was able to get a long shot of it. I sure wish I could walk to it.

On another day, Les took us on one of his many hikes on the East side of Zion, to a place called "Diana's Throne."

Here's my throne!

And on another day, we went on a tour of nearby Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It was hard to get a picture of the cute puppies, who were scampering all over to get the most petting possible.

The cats were a lot easier to photograph.

I managed to leave without an animal, but it was hard...


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful pictures! We have always wanted to visit Zion NP but the weather doesn't work out for us when we come during the winter months.

  3. Love Best Friends! Zion too! Looks like fun.


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