Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This and That in Portland

We did a lot of things in Portland in a very short time. Here's a quick rundown -

Driving in to the gathering from the east, right along the Columbia River, you get a beautiful view of Mount Hood.

And I was hoping to see the kiteboarders and wind surfers near Hood River. These kiteboarders actually take off into the air sometimes.

The were out in droves, because the wind was really blowing. Daddy was teaching this little windsurfer the tricks of the trade.

On the way to Bagby Hot Springs, you go through the cute little town of Estacada. They have some great murals on many of the buildings.

I liked the one on quilting.

One day, the group headed downtown, using public transportation, of course. Portland is a very green town. We went on the aerial tram up to get a great view of the city.

Portland has some really pretty bridges. That's Mount St. Helens in the distance.

We went to the Portland Saturday Market, where there was the obligatory silver guy.

The market is located under the Burnside Bridge.

Most of the bridges have to go up when barges go down the river.

Another day, we headed out to the End of the Oregon Trail Museum in Oregon City.

Unfortunately, it's been closed for almost a year.

So we headed over to Willamette Falls on the Willamette river. They are kind of strange in that there is kind of a dam around them. There are locks on the far side of the river that allow boat traffic to navigate the river. These days, that is mostly recreational boats.


  1. Looks like you covered a lot of ground.

    Very nice picture of Mount Hood.

  2. We just love the West Coast! A breathtaking view pretty much anywhere you turn. :)

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots with us.

    Safe travels,
    The Freely Living Life Family

  3. Very breath taking pictures Im so jealous your life everyday is a new adventure :o) thanks for sharing and the picture of the dam looked really interesting.

  4. What a shot of Mt Hood!!
    Portland looks like a wonderful city to visit...Oregon is one state Ive never visited,,,so great to see this post! Too bad that Oregon Trail Museum is closed, I would be intested in that.
    I adore that quilt mural!

  5. So that's what Mt Hood looks like! Every time we fly in/out of Portland, it's covered in clouds!

    Have you visited Vodoo Doughnuts in Portland? They have a couple of shops.....

  6. Wow! A clear shot of Mt. Hood - you were lucky!


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