Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Lumberjack Saloon

The WINs moved on the to Lumberjack Saloon, outside of Lolo, MT. They have a nice campground out back.

Marie put on a great gathering. The Saloon is really a unique place. Notice the wall behind Marie is made of 3 giant cedar trees. A lot of the furniture is also made from the giant trees, like the chair on the right. The bar is made from just one tree, but I didn't get a shot of it.

We had some strange weather while we were there. This storm produced hail, then the sky was clear. Weather moves through here fast!

What caused this damage to the campground dumpster?

The culprit left footprints as clues.

Ah ha! I caught a shot of the guilty party on his daily rounds!

The first outing we took was to the US Forest Service Smokejumpers headquarters in Missoula. There are always several fires going on in the forests of western Montana, and the quickest way to take care of them is to drop firefighters out of the sky.

Most of the smokejumpers were a little camera shy, but I found myself a friendly one.

There was a whole room just for hanging up parachutes before they are repacked.

The smokejumpers fold their own parachutes.

I was really surprised that they also do their own repairs and even make their packs!

And I sure do hope they get it right!


  1. I love the stupid sign!! I loved the pics and wow on the one about the weather that did look scary. You just get the greatest pictures on all the wildlife :o) I loved seeing the saloon thanks so much for sharing and the info on the smokejumpers, I think it is neat that they do their own parachutes I guess thats one way of knowing it is done right and hopefully no errors :o)

  2. I remember having to sit in the creek the last time I was at that campground just to stay cool. I hope it's not that hot this year.

  3. That was a full and entertaining day!

  4. I guess when you pack your own, you have no one to blame on the way down if something does not work correctly.

    Clearly, you do not want to get between the bear and his food.

  5. GOOD bear SHOT!!
    I cant believe the size of that lumber on the wall!!
    I dont think I would want to pack anyones chute most especially my own-omg-
    Love the sign its SO true!!
    How tall is that smoke jumper? wooza

  6. Did you choose that campground because it had a good saloon, or did you choose the saloon because it had a good campground? ;c)

  7. It looks like the weather was a lot cooler there this year.


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