Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving Down the Coast

There are numerous sea stacks along the Oregon coast. This big one is "Haystack Rock," 235-feet high. The sea stacks used to be part of the shoreline, which has since moved inland.

They provide safe nesting sites for a variety of seabirds, but all I saw at this time of the year were seagulls.

There are also many lighthouses along the Oregon coast. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, called "Terrible Tilly," is located on a sea stack more than a mile off shore. In 1880, it was a harrowing construction project, and a demanding post for the lighthouse keepers.

Cape Meares Lighthouse is the shortest on the Oregon coast. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged by vandals this past January. The lens is broken and is irreplacable.

Near Cape Mears is the Octopus Tree. It is thought that Native Americans trained the tree into this shape in order to use it in funerals. The dead were put into canoes, and then rested in the trees. The tree is 250-300 years old, 46 feet in circumference, and over 100 feet tall.

Also nearby is this Sitka Spruce, the largest one of it's kind in Oregon. It is 750-800 years old, 48 feet in circumference, and 144 feet tall.

I went to Pacific City to see the flat-bottomed fishing boats called "dories" land on the beach, but unfortunately, none showed up. Instead, I watched people climb a gigantic sand dune.

While in the area, we stayed at the Tillamook Air Park. During World War II, the navy stationed 8 large blimps here. The Blimps were used for anti-submarine coast patrol and convoy escort. It's now a huge museum.

Only cute little tourist airplanes use the airport now.

Tillamook has a great Saturday market. The fresh fruits and vegetables were actually quite reasonable, as were the doggie rules.

But here's what Tillamook is most noted for - CHEESE!

The factory is a very popular stop, primarily because there is FREE CHEESE!


  1. A great Post!! Love the coast photos, the lighthouses!! WOW TO both trees, that is an awesome shape and what a HUGE spruce!!
    GIRL what an amazing shot you got of the little plane and the MOON~ just super!!
    Safe travels!!

  2. That is a great area. Nice photos, particularly like the picture of the small plane and the moon in the background.

  3. My son is stationed in the Coast Guard in Astoria and works in the unit that maintains the lighthouses along the WA/OR coast. When the Cape Meares lighthouse was vandalized, they rushed down and erected a smaller, alternate light so mariners would still be able to navigate by the light, even though the original lens no longer could be used.

    The police were able to track down and arrest the vandals, who shot the lighthouse lens full of holes.

    We like to visit the Tillamook Cheese factory for the Ice Cream. :c)

  4. Every time I see your photos I'm amazed by your perspective. As always I greatly enjoy your photos

  5. Every time I see your photos I'm amazed by your perspective. As always I greatly enjoy your photos

  6. Did you try the "squeeky cheese?" It was our favorite!

  7. Great post and great pics! I just may have to revisit the coast on my way out of here in a month. :)

  8. PS. Could you tell us a little about where you are staying? :)

  9. That first photo is POWERFUL! Gorgeous shot.

    And I want to hug that Sitka Spruce! :D

    Love me some Tillamook cheese. It's a weakness, really. Great post!

  10. I think Haystack Rock is where I saw the puffins!

  11. Don't give me too much credit - can you believe I didn't see the moon until I looked at the picture later?

    I have to admit I had some ice cream too...

    The squeeky cheese is definitely NOT my favorite...

    Puffins were supposed to be there, but maybe earlier in the year.

    The Air Park campground is very nice, but no hookups. It used to be $5 a night, but is now $10. However, since we were there in a group, and Dick is such a good schmoozer, we paid $5.

  12. When I was very young my dad worked at the blimp hanager in Hitchcock Texas. It seemed bigger than the world back then. The original door frames are still standing and they still are huge.

    Don't miss Depoe Bay and the ocean spray.

  13. I loved looking that these pictures, especially the octopus tree wow that is just beautiful to me and the tree with you standing beside it wow is all I can say that is huge. I loved the picture of the little red plane and the moon together, awesome post thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Loved the picures! Looks like you planned the airplane and moon shot. Guess you were just lucky, seeing you didn't even notice it until after.

    Kevin and Ruth


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