Monday, August 9, 2010

Lewiston, Idaho

Yes, the town was named for Meriwether Lewis. But don't think that William Clark got gypped - Clarkston, WA is right across the river.

The first place we went was the Hells Gate State Park Discovery Center. Compared to the other Lewis and Clark Interpretive Centers we've seen, it was a little sparse. But we did see yet another dugout canoe. These are what L&C used to get down the rivers from here to the Pacific.

We also went to the Nez Perce Visitors Center. The Nez Perce were the Indians that fed the starving Lewis and Clark party when they emerged from the mountains. They also kept their horses for them until the Expedition returned the following spring.

This dugout canoe is a Nez Perce canoe, and estimated to be about 100 years old.

We got to put up a teepee -

And then the poor rangers took our pictures with about 25 cameras. They were good sports, though.

Here's a close-up for any WINs who are curious about who's here.

Inside we got a very interesting ranger talk, but I really liked all the old pictures.

Many of the group went on a Hells Canyon jet boat trip. Hells Canyon is 8000 feet deep and North America's deepest river gorge. The trip was supposed to be 200 miles long, but the boat broke before they got to the really good part of the canyon. The good news is that they all got our money back!

They did get to see some good wildlife, like this macho bighorn sheep.

And they also saw the mothers and babies. Bighorn sheep have been transplanted back into Hells Canyon over the years after having become extinct there.

Friday and Saturday evenings we went over to the Lewis and Clark Moose Lodge in Clarkston to do some dancing.

We were pleasantly surprised by the entertainment. The Singing Mailman played and sang anything we wanted!


  1. I love looking at old pictures too. Those canoes were really neat to get a look at thanks so much for sharing those, that horrible that the boat didn't make it all the way, that would be my kinda luck lol I enjoyed it all, happy trails!

  2. Hiking in Hells Canyon is fantastic. The road from Clarkston to Enterprise is well worth the drive several times.

  3. How fun - putting up a teepee. It looks like the group did a good job too.

  4. Those dug outs look so heavy amazing they float!! Lewis and Clark got a lot of help from the first Americans on their journey--
    Many hands make that teepee job a lot easier I'd say.
    HAAPY travels
    and keep an weary eye out for those escapees from the AZ prison!!

  5. The teepee project looked like a governement job - two people working and 7 standing around watching.

  6. Thanks for keeping me posted. Miss you!! Like my new computer.

  7. Looks like a just missed the WINs on my Motorcycle Trip from Georgia to Washington. We were at the same place close to the same time.

  8. The pictures and writing are some of the best I've seen. We will be following your blog from now and will post a link from our own. Thank you

    Roy Helton


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