Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bagby Hot Springs

I love natural hot springs, and Bagby is one of the best. The experience starts out with a one-and-a-half mile stroll through an old growth forest of Douglas fir and western red cedar trees.

The trail is beautifully maintained and features several well-constructed bridges.

The forest here has never been logged, and a lot of the trees just fall down when they get too big for the root system to support.

Some fell over the trail.

These trees are really big!

If the old trees were uprooted, new plants and moss grow on the old root system, or on the trees themselves.

Here's where the hot water for the springs comes from.

It's carried to 3 different bath houses in a wooden flume made of a hollow log.

One bathhouse has a big round tub and 3 tubs made of hollowed-out cedar logs. Another has just one large hot tub. The original development of the springs happened in 1915, and the current buildings were built in the mid 1980's.

The third bathhouse has 5 individual rooms each with a log-tub. (Don't these remind you of the Lewis & Clark canoes?)

The walls were covered with artwork and names of those who had visited here.

Oh no! Do you suppose???


  1. I see why this is your favorite Hot Spring. What a treasure!

  2. I'm new to reading your blog, so I don't get your last picture and remark, but the hot springs look enjoyable. :)

  3. Another place added to our list. I particularly like the picture of the hollow tree.

  4. Our group has been following the Lewis and Clark trail this summer, visiting lots of sites that Lewis and Clark stopped at on their way west. However, this wasn't one of them... :-(

  5. I follow you r blog but don't leave a comment every time. This one was out standing thanks for posting.

    Dan (Bubbadan)

  6. This place is beautiful! Our kind of forest! Just think how many caches we could hide - a Geocachers dream.

  7. So THAT's what happened to Lewis & Clark's dugout canoes!

  8. What a neat place!! I know that had to be so much fun..and wow those trees are HUGE--another page added to the bucket list..
    Safe travels!

  9. Very cool .. thanks for sharing. A place to check out when I get that way again for sure!


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