Friday, August 23, 2019

The Tower of London Is More than Just a Tower!

This is what I thought the Tower of London was -

But it's actually a whole complex of buildings.

From the grounds, you can see the Tower Bridge over on the River Thames.

Oh stop laughing at me!

We walked around the grounds and saw this beautiful cannon.

And a mini changing-of-the-guard.

They had a few Beefeaters here - ceremonial guards.

It's weird to see old and new architecture from 1000 years apart in the same picture!

Inside the tower, we visited the Chapel of St. John -

One of the bedrooms -

And a trophy sculpture dragon, made from masses of weapons, displaying British military strength.

We also saw the "Loo" - look out below!


  1. Hope you saw the crown jewels. We stayed in the hotel right across the tower bridge street. Spent the entire day and still didn't see it all.

    1. Oh, yes! I forgot to mention that we saw them. I always forget things that you aren't allowed to take pictures of...

    2. Funny, I forgot to mention the crown jewels too.

  2. We saw the Ceremony of the Keys twice where they formally lock up the Tower at night. Quite something to see. They've been doing it nightly at the same time for hundreds of years and were only late once during WWII. A German bomb hit in the tower grounds, knocking out the soldiers and Beefeater. When they came to, they locked up the Tower and then wrote a letter of apology to the King for being 10 minutes late.

  3. Some beautiful photos here. I love the one capturing old and new architecture in the same shot!


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