Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Second English Bus Trip - WOW!

Our second English Bus tour took us to many places. We started out with a short stop in Rochester, where we saw the cathedral.


We also saw the Rochester Castle.

We next did a short stop in Chilham, where we saw St Mary's Chilham Church.

But the main reason we were here was to get a scone! Complete with clotted cream and jam. Yummy!

Next, we went on to Dover, where of course we saw the White Cliffs.

The view in the other direction.

When we were there, 2 Spitfires from World War II flew over the cliffs.

Then we moved on to Dover Castle. Seems like every town has a castle!

The climb up to the top went through some very interesting rooms.

The view from the top, out towards France. The church on the far end will be our next stop.

This is an aerial view. No, I don't have a drone. Just bought a postcard... I learned later that my father spent some time here during World War II.

Inside St Mary-in-Castro Church inside the castle.

Our final stop was in Canterbury, where we could kind of see the Canterbury Cathedral behind all the scaffolding.

Nearby, the Christ Church Gate was absolutely beautiful.

The detail was just amazing.

We walked around on our own for quite a while...

Then got a tour from our English Bus guide.

This was one of my favorite things - a crooked house! Look at the door!

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