Monday, August 12, 2019

First Day in London - Exhausting!

I was in London with my sister and my daughter and her family. I guess you can tell it's London by where my grandkids are posing.

We saw the London Eye, but didn't ride because the line was too long.

Parliament and Big Ben were undergoing some serious renovation.

We toured Westminster Abbey, but no pictures were allowed inside.

Hi, Google Street View! I waved!

There were some political protests going on.

We then went to the Banqueting House, with beautiful Rubens paintings on the ceiling.

They have bean bag chairs, so you can admire the ceiling, but the kids used them to get on their cell phones...

We went by the original Scotland Yard building.

And then went over to Trafalgar Square.

I loved the barfing statues!

We also went to St. Martin-in-the-Fields church.

The had a nice cafe in the crypt, where we had lunch.

Jonathan, can you really get that all in your mouth?

We then went over to the National Gallery, where they had sidewalk artists doing chalk drawings outside.

Inside, there was a beautiful mosaic floor.

Of course, there was lots of art work, including Monet -

And Van Gogh.

Wow, I was exhausted, but well worth it with all we saw!


  1. There is so much to see. It will be interesting to see the places that you visit.

  2. I love that mosaic floor! It would be hard to walk on something so pretty.
    Nice memory with your family. 😊

  3. What a great idea and service, those bean bag chairs!

  4. I have spent quite a bit if time in London, I recommend lots of time in a pub or two to keep in touch with the locals:)


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