Tuesday, October 2, 2018

More Redwoods and Beautiful Views in Trinidad

Moving farther down the California coast, we spent a few days in Trinidad. We went on a couple hikes in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. The first and longest was the Lady Bird Johnson Trail.

It's amazing to me that a lot of the trees have been burned out inside, but are still alive.

Hmmm... I guess this was easier than removing the tree...

We also did the short hike to "The Big Tree."

And who can resist the Corkscrew Tree!

The harbor in Trinidad is a little unusual. There is no boat ramp - boats have to be lifted onto this gizmo, and lowered down tracks into the water.

This sea lion was watching the show -

Or maybe having a conversation with this guy...

There were lots of sea birds watching too.

Two of us went on a hike on the Trinidad Head loop trail. It was fantastic!

No!!! Don't jump!!!

Several times, the trail went through a carefully trimmed tunnel.

We had beautiful views in all directions.

The big surprise was this cross. At first I thought it was a tombstone, but it's far from it!

After a little googling, I found out that in 1775, a Spanish expedition marched to the summit of Trinidad Head, and erected a wooden cross, taking possession in the name of Charles III of Spain! The wooden cross has since been replaced by granite. But apparently, this was intended to be a part of Spain!

The loop was very interesting, including this young lady with dreadlocks down to her knees!

I had gone on the loop trail to see the lighthouse, but it is no longer visible.

So I drove south along the coast hoping to get a view. But the only shot I got was of this building. The lighthouse is around the corner and only visible from the ocean.

But there were more beautiful views!

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