Sunday, September 30, 2018

Made It to California!

Our next stop going down the coast was Crescent City, CA. The big attraction for me here is Battery Point Lighthouse. Completed in 1856, it was one of the first lighthouses on the California Coast.

But don't go at high tide, unless you want to swim...

Nearby was a cute hippie vehicle, so my trip had some reward...

We went back the next morning when we could walk out to the lighthouse.

We got to meet the lighthouse keeper, which is a one-month long volunteer job. They give tours, but we weren't there at the right time.

There are some unique trees on the property.

Fortunately, the tide stayed out long enough for us to get back.

We are close to the redwoods, so we went on a hike through Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Park.

The redwoods have a lot of "burls." This one looked like an old guy with a very big nose.

And this was a monkey with a nice head of hair...

Their root systems are very shallow, so a lot of the trees get too big and fall over.

Ferns grow on the fallen trees -

In addition to desperate new trees.

Some trees require doing the limbo!

While doing our little hike, we happened to run into the lighthouse keeper that we had met the day before! He invited us to come the next morning for a private tour!!! Sign me up!

So early the next day, I'm back at the lighthouse for a third time!

The weather was beautiful.

I loved the carvings out of the old trees.

And the spider webs filled with the early-morning dew.

We had a great tour, but weren't allowed to take any pictures until we got up to the light tower, since this is their personal residence. Getting up the ladder was a bit challenging!

Made it!

Afterwards, we had time to wander around and take photos. Careful, Max!

Walking back, I saw something suspicious out in the distance.


  1. The lighthouse keeper may have let you in earlier if you offered to cook dinner and do the dishes?...(;+).......

  2. Jedadiah Smith ..(sp)..was such a neat park when I visited a gazillion years ago, I hope it hasn't changed for the worse..$$$?....
    The trees and the river were very swell...


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