Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eureka! And Redding!

Our last stop on the coast was Eureka, California. We went on a great tour of Blue Ox Millworks, and were met by Paul Bunyon at the door.

The Millworks is a fully functioning Victorian job shop, all by using original old-time methods and equipment to produce custom millwork.

But I really liked all the rusty stuff outside!

This old trolley was really beautiful.

Unfortunately, the two huge oxen they used to have are gone, but they still have the horses, Willie Nelson and Barney.

We also walked around the harbor a bit.

From Eureka, I drove east, going through the area where the huge fires were earlier this summer.

There was a lot of clean-up going on.

I stayed at a beautiful Elks Lodge in Redding for a couple days. I love belonging to the Elks and Moose. You have friends everywhere, which is nice when traveling alone, as I was at this stop. It's a very friendly lodge, and I had a great time.

The one thing I really wanted to see in Redding was the Sundial Bridge.

Completed in 2004, it took 11 years to build, and has over 2000 glass panels on the deck.

I'm happy to be off the coast. It was beautiful, but the weather was a little cold and cloudy. I'm headed over to my favorite trip, down Highway 395.

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