Friday, October 5, 2018

Another National Park, and On to Reno

On our way over to our trip down Highway 395, we stopped for a few days in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Mt Lassen is very visible from many spots in the park.

Hat Creek is one of my favorite views. At this time of year, "creek" is a little bit of a stretch.

We were camped pretty close to the site of an enormous rock avalanche from 350 years ago. Weirdly, this was the only place we could get internet, so we visited often...

The ground squirrels in our campground were continually knocking down pine cones and eating them. It was fun to watch!

Manzanita Lake near our campground, with Mt Lassen in the background -

And the moon above it!

After Lassen, we went on to Reno, staying first at the very unfriendly Bonanza Casino -

Then moving over to Baldini's Casino in Sparks, where they were having a car show.

We now begin our trip down Highway 395, one of my very favorite areas of the country!

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