Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Best Ghost Town and Hot Springs Ever!

Our next stop coming down Hwy 395 was Bridgeport. We stayed south of town at a great quiet spot 1 mile up the road to Bodie. The only problem was no internet. OH NOOOOOO!!!

Bodie is my very favorite ghost town. The rusty stuff is just incredible, especially the cars half buried in the ground.

It was a beautiful day, and the clouds made for great photos.

We started out at the church. They only had one church, but lots of bars and brothels...

You can look inside all the buildings, and see a lot of original furnishings.

I liked seeing all the layers of wallpaper, some of which were cloth.

A view of some of the many buildings in town.

The old schoolhouse -

The inside looks like the kids are just out for recess!

And the stores were fully stocked -

Although some of them needed a little support...

Bodie was here, out in the middle of nowhere, because of that very productive mine back on the hillside.

Unfortunately, it is considered unsafe now, so we couldn't explore it.

I hope we have a full tank of gas, because those pumps don't look like they work...

Another highlight of Bridgeport is the beautiful Travertine Hot Springs.

Soooooo nice, and just the right temperature.

A picture of the 3 of us, sort of...

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  1. You had me at "hot springs!" I've not been to this one...YET! You must have been in rust heaven!


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