Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mono Lake and Yosemite

Our next stop was a beautiful spot overlooking Mono Lake.

So of course, the first day we went to see the tufas around the lake. The water is now 10' above the low point of 1982, but still 10' below where they would like it to be.

A nice little arch -

And some tall, skinny tufas.

There are millions of alkali flies at the lake, a lot of which are right here!

A close up.

We also made a very long trip to Yosemite Valley. We made a stop along the way where we had a very distant view of the back of Half Dome.

If you zoom in a lot, you can see the hikers hanging on to the chain to get to the top.

In the valley, we stopped first at Bridal Veil Falls, which were barely flowing.

A close up of the top.

From the valley, we got a good view of the front of Half Dome.

And stopped in front of El Capitan to look for climbers.

There they are!

We also walked up part of the way to see Vernal Fall, but didn't go all the way because it was barely flowing too. I guess we should have come in June!

On our way home, we got some good views of the upper part of the park.

We also took a hike up Lundy Canyon, near where we were parked.

We saw a little waterfall near the trailhead.

The fall colors were beautiful!

Across the lake was a bigger waterfall, but I didn't hike to it - just zoomed the camera in.

Back near the trail head, we found the remains of an old mining operation. Lots of cool rusty stuff!

And back at our campsite, there was a nice rainbow!

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