Saturday, October 13, 2018

My Favorite Stop on Highway 395

One of the reasons why this is my favorite stop is that there are many natural hot springs nearby. Four of us soaked at Shepherd Hot Spring. There are 7 hot springs in an area off 395 near Benton Crossing Rd. Turn at the little green church.

We stayed nearby at Crowley Lake BLM Campground.

Devils Postpile is also nearby. An amazing sight!

While we were there, we saw a crew filming a scene for Nova on PBS, and we got to talk with them a little.

Near Devils Postpile is the trail to Rainbow Falls.

The fall colors were out in full.

Except for the area that was burned in the fire back in 1992.

After about a mile, we heard the falls and arrived at the rim.

No rainbow today, but at least there is a lot of water, compared to the falls we saw in Yosemite.

The obligatory photo.

Another highlight of this area is my very favorite hike ever! The Little Lakes Valley hike starts at 10,000 feet, and goes by lake after lake.

Coming down to Heart Lake -

And the view from Marsh Lake. The back drop and the yellow marshes are just gorgeous.

Yay! We made it!

The next day, this white stuff appeared outside my door, and we knew it was time to head down the hill.


  1. I've not yet explored any of the hot springs along 395, but I sure hope to do so soon! Thanks for the "little green church" landmark. Taking notes!

  2. Is 395 in Nevada? I enjoy you adventures!

  3. Wow, you need to head south! I'm surprised the fire was that long ago and the area still looks really barren. But it's such a beautiful area, and anything with waterfalls gets a thumbs up from me, too. :)


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