Friday, October 19, 2018


Our little group next moved down Hwy 395 to Independence, CA. Our first outing was to Manzanar, one of the camps that confined Japanese immigrants during World War II.

Over 10,000 men, women and children were confined here. Two-thirds of them were born in America! None were ever convicted of espionage or sabotage.

Only a few of the buildings remain, and they are recreations.

It was interesting, but sad, to see how these people were forced to live.

Nearby is a cemetery, where those who passed away during their time here are buried.

There were lots of origami flowers around the cemetery.

We also went to visit historic Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery.

They had a pond out in front with some very lucky fish in it. They are just here to amuse the tourists!

I feel like I'm in Switzerland!

We wanted to go inside, but unfortunately it was unexpectedly closed.

So I got a quick view through the window.

We also went to see the courthouse in Independence, but it was also closed. Hmmmm... We're not doing too well today...

And then, one of my favorite places - the Eastern California Museum, where there is LOTS of rusty stuff!

We were parked in a campground off the road to Onion Valley, so the next day we drove up the road to the top.

Here's the view looking WAY down to the town of Independence.

It was a short, but great, stop!


  1. It is sad to see how we treated other human beings then and now. But people want to take away those memories as if by doing so, it didn't happen.
    Beautiful Scenery and Buildings (too bad they were closed)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Catching up on your posts... I missed mentioning the collection of rusty stuff at Laws, just North from Bishop on Hwy 6. There is a railroad museum of equipment from the mining days. The rails (narrow gauge, the train was called the Slim Princess) connected the area East of Carson City, over Montgomery Pass, and down around Lone Pine. There was a standard gauge line the came up from the south. The rails are gone, but some of the mining stuff and a bit of rail stops still exist. The standard gauge rails currently end near Ridgecrest.


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