Friday, June 29, 2018

More Around Glacier

While in the Glacier NP area, we stayed at a group campground area near Hungry Horse Reservoir. It was nice, and convenient to the park, but we really missed having internet. We're all so spoiled...

The weather was really bad when we were there, but we did make a couple trips into the park. We went to Lake McDonald Lodge -

And had some views of Lake McDonald.

We found this poor guy in the parking lot, just waiting for his best friend to return.

And there were lots of ground squirrels hanging around.

I went up to Columbia Falls regularly to get internet. There were some great murals in the town.

This is definitely my favorite! Very detailed. Done in 2004, it depicts loggers, miners, and trappers in the late 19th century here.

Back at the campground, we had a very short walk to Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Some of the group did some kayaking, while others just relaxed on the beach.

We also visited the beach in Whitefish. It looks a lot better on a sunny, warm day.

They were having a wooden boat festival there. We got to see some great ones.

This was my favorite. I could just picture the kids in the front and the parents in the back.

For the last couple days of our stay in the area, we moved over to the Kalispell fairgrounds. Farther away from Glacier NP, but very nice.


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