Monday, July 9, 2018

Moving On to Missoula

We had a wonderful visit in Missoula, starting off at Travelers Rest State Park. We're following the Lewis and Clark route, and this is a highlight.

We got our own guided tour of the grounds.

We got to see the only verified camping spot of Lewis and Clark. They verified this by carbon dating the fire hearth, and some other scientific test of their latrine area.

I must have gotten distracted when he was explaining that...

Every Wednesday, Missoula has "Out to Lunch," where we had lots of choices. It was pretty crowded.

And then we walked over to the carousel. I saw this dragon and was determined to get on it. I succeeded!

The Carousel is REALLY fast! Here I am hanging on for dear life!

A VERY short video, showing just how fast. I'm at the very beginning.

Surfing in Missoula?!? Yes, you can, on Brennan's wave, a manmade wave on the river that provides kayakers and surfers with a whitewater experience.

We then drove over to the Boone and Crockett Club, located in the old train station.

I was actually more interested in the outside than the inside.

That night we had a full moon, and I took a picture. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the picture and there was a strange thing in front of the moon!

Since there are about 5,000 satellites up there, I guess it's not too surprising. In order for a satellite to travel at the same speed as the rotation of the earth, the satellites are exactly 22,223 miles above our sea level.

The next day we went to the Smokejumpers Visitors Center at the Missoula Airport.

We had a great tour, where we learned all about how the Smokejumpers jump out of airplanes to fight forest fires.

There is a big sewing room, where the Smokejumpers sew and repair their parachutes.

And they pack their own. It takes about an hour to pack a parachute!

I got a free ride!

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  1. We went to both Boone and Crockett and the Smoke jumpers but missed the surfing. That is so neat to see the satelitte passing the moon.


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