Thursday, June 14, 2018

Crazy Horse, Here I Come!

The WIN circuit was scheduled to go next to Bismark, ND, but several of us chose to go to a campground near Rapid City instead. Why? This was the annual Volksmarch to the top of Crazy Horse. Even though I did this 5 years ago, I was anxious to do it again.

Even though there is a road to the top, they route you through the woods, up and down the hills, to make this a 10K hike.

Finally, we get on a decent trail.

I'm going up there!

We're getting closer -

And then the trail goes around to the other side.

I made it!

There's a big crowd up here (as many as 15,000 do the Volksmarch) -

But I still practiced taking a selfie.

Our group of 5 at the top - Garth, Randy, Christy, Me, and Mary Kevin.

To be able to see the detail up there is just amazing!

Looking down to where we started. We got to walk down the direct route.

We saw a fire off in the distance.

On our way down, we went over to the tunnel, underneath Crazy Horse's arm.

Standing there was Adam, 3rd child (out of 10) of Korczak Ziolkowski, the original sculptor.

He was standing in front of his Dad's photo. If completed, it will be the world's largest sculpture. It was begun in 1948.

On the way down, we saw some interesting wildlife...

We made it!

And I have evidence to prove it! It was a fantastic day!


  1. Wow - that is quite a hike but the view is fantastic.

  2. Wow, it is sure changing slowiy:) First time I was there was decades ago and it is not that much different today, all things considered:)


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