Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to Torrey and Capitol Reef

We're staying in the tiny town of Torrey, UT, where we have easy access to Capitol Reef National Park.

We're boondocking at the Thousand Lakes RV Park, which I highly DON'T recommend. All they do is complain about how much money they are losing by letting us boondock for $10 a night. DUH! $10 is certainly better than nothing. Not their fault is the fact that there is a forest fire across the valley - the smoke is driving me crazy.

We did get to see the transit of Venus across the sun. Although it wasn't that exciting, it won't happen again in our lifetime.

Torrey is a really neat small town, with lots of unique old buildings, such as this old mill.

But in this tiny town is this HUGE Cowboy Bar, the Saddlery. This bull met me at the door.

Each of the pool tables has its own buffalo head.

And there are real saddle bar stools.

But the best thing was the band - the Roundabout Band from Grand Junction, CO. We'll be seeing them again when we get to their hometown. The fiddle player was out-of-sight!


  1. You do find the best bands. So if they are losing so much money, why do they allow boondocking? Makes no sense to me to just complain about it.

  2. Notum-Bullfrog road on the east side of the park has free boondocking in abundance.

  3. Do they have folks in line waiting to pay lots more for your boondocking spots? That's the only way I can see that letting you park is losing them money.

  4. wow! That smoke is terrible! I really like the picture of the mill.

  5. Looks like that bull was leaping for joy to see you! ;c)

  6. That cowboy bar looks like a fun place to spend an evening!

  7. that is a lot of smoke!!! Awesome shot of Venus--I havent been so buy in my own little world I missed it altogether!
    The Band sounds pretty good!!

  8. Once again, we're following you around the country -- we've had reservations at Thousand Lakes in Torrey since February and will be there next week. We really AREN'T stalking you, but enjoy taking advantage of your previews!! Hope the smoke and fire is gone by next Sunday. Thanks to you, we found both Grafton and I hiked to Scout Landing which I otherwise would not have done. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Dianne tear em a new one on rvparkreviews. Anyone that complains openly in front of a guest deserves that.


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