Friday, June 15, 2012

Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef National Park is a part of the park that most people don't see. The 60-mile loop drive requires high clearance, and begins with a ford of the Fremont River.

Once again, we look like we're looking for a place to kayak, but anything but! There is no water here!

The first part of the drive goes through the Bentonite Hills - not a place where you want to be if it rains. This grey stuff would turn to goo.

Whoa!!! Rusty stuff!!!

Our second stop is the Lower South Desert Overlook.

And this is the Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook, where you can see our goal, the road down in the valley.

On the Eastern end of Cathedral Valley is the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon (the formations in the back.) Looks like something from another planet, huh?

And here in the foreground is Glass Mountain, which consists of crystals of gypsum.

Afterwards, we went back to the main section of the park, where we went to the Gifford Homestead. They have some neat old stuff outside-

And inside. The original home was built in 1908 by polygamist Calvin Pendleton.

I was more interested in the horses outside -

But the guys were more interested in being guys...


  1. Another great tour ... and I see another butt shot made it into the blog collection.

  2. How does a full time traveler like yourself not become conditioned and numb to the constant beauty you see all around you every day? Every place you go has its own beauty!

  3. Good to see you made it across the river. And I love the shot of the guys looking at the old truck. Was there really an engine in it?

  4. Great rusty stuff shot! Hope you meandered over for a look as thorough as the guys did!

  5. Really interesting visit,got a great laugh out of all the cars with the kayaks on the roofs.

    Someday, you might find water in the desert. ;c)


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