Sunday, June 3, 2012

Panguitch, Utah - My Kind of Town

This town is just full of cowboys, rusty stuff, and nice people! Who could ask for more? The WINs are staying here for 2 weeks while we see Bryce and the surrounding area.

First, I went to the Cowboy Store, just to see the selection and check prices. But NO COWBOYS!!!

So then I moved on to the Cowboy Collectibles store, where I found the guy in the first picture sitting outside-

Plus a lot more inside!

They also had a lot of wagon wheels, another favorite of mine.

On Memorial Day weekend, they had the first annual Panguitch Western Roundup that included a Little Britches Rodeo. In this part, the horse had to go backwards through the barrels, trying not to knock them over.

Then there was a bank robbery, where the robbers escaped on ATVs.

But they were soon caught and put in a jail that doesn't look too secure.

The second weekend of June is their annual Quilt Walk Festival. This statue in town commemorates the history of that event. In the winter of 1864, a group of pioneers attempted to cross the mountains to save their families from starvation. The snow was too deep to walk on, but after kneeling on a quilt to pray, they discovered that they could walk on the quilts.

All over town are quilts advertising the upcoming festival, and no one steals them!

If you want to visit here, you can stay in this motel that even has color TV!

Down the road a bit, next to the Sevier River, I spotted an old rusty car, but was unable to get closer because of a barbed-wire fence.

But Phil is an expert at climbing barbed-wire fences, and showed me how. Just proves I'm not too old to learn new tricks.


  1. Those cowboys look to be the quiet type ...

  2. Looks like a fun place. The problem with towns like that, is that they normally have ice cream parlors...and I'm an I C junkie!

  3. great photos and story...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hope you're not too old to run fast when the cowboy comes to chase you back over that fence. :)

  5. Have never really explored Panquitch but will have to now. Love the story of the quilt walking to keep from sinking in the snow. Cute cowboys.

  6. OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHY !!! I always look forward to seeing another installment.

  7. We really liked Panquitch. Thanks for the memory. Always take a friend along when crossing fences. That way, you only have to outrun the friend, rather than the bull.

  8. Where is everyone staying? Boondocking or in a campground for 2 weeeks?

  9. I forgot to mention that we are actually staying in an RV Park! Hell has frozen over! We got a deal at the Paradise RV Park, north of town, for $10 a night for full hookups. The normal rate is only $13 a night. The owner even gave us a hot dog roast!

  10. I love towns like this. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures Diana. I live vicariously through you (for now). And no worries, hell didn't freeze over to hard. You're due! :)

  11. We stayed in Panguitch when we went to Bryce, such a great little town!! We didnt see any cowboys but we did see all the cool stuff and hit some really awesome junk shops!!
    Glad you crossed that barbed wire...Love that shot of you and the ole geeser!

  12. Oh my gosh! How fun for me to read this. I grew up in this wonderful little town. The girl on the horse doing the barrels is my grand-niece! As for the cowboys...if you don't mind my telling a cute story about one. One summer - probably 25 years ago, I was home visiting my family when there was a knock on the door. When my mother answered it there was a sweet woman with a family standing there. They had been to Bryce Canyon and had stopped to eat at Ruby's Inn. Their little girl had said how much she wanted to meet a real cowboy. The waitress there gave them directions to Panguitch and to my parents home and told them that a real cowboy lived in that house (my brother). They had come to see if they could meet him. Mom went and got my brother, who happened to have stopped in to grab a quick lunch. he grabbed his dirty cowboy hat and went to the door to meet the family. He was a bit embarrased but the little girl was so excited to meet a real cowboy with cowboy boots, levi's and a dirty old cowboy hat.

    Thank you for letting me have such a great stroll down memory lane.


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