Friday, June 1, 2012

Bryce Canyon

Everyone agrees, I'm sure, that Bryce is a beautiful park. But to really experience it, you need to hike down among the hoodoos.

One day we did a loop hike, going down past Thor's Hammer on one side of the Navajo Loop trail.

Even going down a little bit changes the perspective.

Of course, these steep switchbacks make me nervous, because what goes down must come up!

We decided to go back up the Queen's Garden trail because it's not quite as steep.

In several places you walk right through holes in the hoodoos -

Along a meandering, steadily rising trail.

I love to take butt shots - it's amazing that anyone will get in front of me!

On another day we went down the other side of the Navajo Loop trail -

Down through "Wall Street" -

To the base of the hoodoos again.

But this time we kept going down, and came out at the east boundary of the park, where our nice friends had left our cars. I love these all downhill hikes!

Along the way we saw this strange plant. Any idea what it is?


  1. Keep up the butt shots. They are my favorite. lol Great pictures of places I'll never see. Thanks again.

  2. Yes! We did Bryce for one day while we were at Zion. Did the Navajo and Queens Garden Trails and I agree, going down was nice but in the back of my mind all I kept thinking is that I eventually have to go back up!!!
    I am reliving my vacation through your posts, keep up the great work!


  3. Great pics of Bryce. That hike does give you a different perspective. We were there on Monday the 25th, but didn't have time for hiking. Just wrote about it in my blog, too.

  4. Ok I just googled hoodoo...never heard of such a thing! Very interesting formations.

  5. Although up is hard on my lungs, down is hard on my knees. But nice to only have to go one way. I loved the Navajo Loop and Wall Street which I found much easier than rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon. The red rock people are such a pleasure to hike amongst.

  6. That's such a beautiful area. Is there another place like it in the world, I wonder?

    That IS a strange plant - I have no idea what it is. :)

  7. Beautiful scenery! Anxious to get back to Utah someday soon.

  8. Once again, we're following you around the country, it seems -- Bryce is our next stop after we finally leave Zion. Your timing is great because it is HOT, HOT, HOT in Zion right now! Oh, and no, we looked and looked for the arch in the East section of Zion and never did find it. I think the yellow sign must be gone.

  9. GREAT photos ~ you guys did it up right! Love Bryce and Zion!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. Yep, that's the hike I want to do. No idea on the weird plant.

  11. Hi there,
    I enjoy your blog and thought I would shed a little light on you plant pic.

    This plant is one of the pea family-
    (astragalus) and the red pods are the
    seed pods.


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