Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Utah Ghost Towns

One day we all went on a circle drive north of Bryce Canyon looking for some ghost towns.

The first one we found was Widtsoe, a town that revolved around the sawmills there. This must have been the mansion belonging to the owner - I've never seen such a large house in a ghost town.

It's quite a fixer-upper.

Someone was already living in the back room.

What is this - a baby bunny? It was too big for a mouse.

Our next stop was the gristmill/creamery in Orisis. It was built by a resident of Widtsoe, 13 miles north of town.

Near Circleville is a cabin that was Butch Cassidy's boyhood home.

You can just walk in!

Phil and I left a couple days early so we could stay at Koosharem Reservoir and make a run over to the Richfield Walmart.

It was beautiful but the winds we unbelievable.

But at least that chased the bugs away!


  1. Maybe the winds were what drove the residents of those towns away!

  2. The winds were terrible. And more moving in this week-end. I love ghost towns. Come up to Montana, we have some neat old ghost towns also.

  3. Could be! That certainly makes more sense than a bunny.

  4. Oh, how I love old ghost towns, especially if the ghosts are still present! :-))

  5. Who but you would know about all these ghost towns? I'm going with a pack rat. We saw one in Show Low. Much cuter than I imagined.

  6. Now it's easy to understand Butch Cassidy turning to a life of crime.

    Wonderful pictures, another gem of a find.

  7. Butch Cassidy's house had a trap door for him to escape even back then! Ha! :)


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