Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Day at Capitol Reef

We decided that our first day at the park would be easy, so we ventured into Capitol Gorge. We always draw stares with the kayaks - people wonder where we are going to find any water.

First thing I noticed was the abundance of Rockpecker damage...

This was a road through the gorge back as far as 1884.

But the road doesn't go through now, and you have to get out and walk.

The scenery is great (I just love these butt shots...)

This was our goal - the Pioneer Register, where many of the early pioneers left their signatures.

Afterwards, we went over to the Behunin Cabin, where a family of 10 lived in 1882.

Here, the Rockpecker damage came in handy - the boys in the family slept in these "Rockpecker Caves."

Then we went over to the petroglyphs on the main road through the park. They are about a thousand years old, and still in pretty good shape.


  1. I was really excited about seeing this place until you said "get out and walk". lol Keep the butt shots coming. We enjoy them also.

  2. To answer your question, yes we will be back out West again, but we may have to rethink exactly where we'll go after seeing all those rockpecker holes.

    You need to get a picture of one of those elusive rockpeckers so we'll know what to avoid. ;c)

  3. Love those rockpecker holes. They must be amazing creatures to do all that.

    Haven't been to Capitol Reef in over 35 years but remember it fondly and your photos bring back memories.

  4. Great pictures - hopefully we will be in that area next year. A family of 10 in that cabin - wow, that's just a little too much family togetherness for me.

  5. I agree with Donna, 10 people in that cabin is a bit much! I guess that's why the boys slept in the "Rockpecker Caves."

    You saw a lot of neat stuff in one day - that was a great outing. :)

  6. COOL adventure Diana...Love the rock art and the pioneer signing rock!!!

  7. Another lovely place that we didn't get to visit when we were living in Utah. Thanks for taking us there; and I'll remember to walk behind you and not in front of you if we ever meet up and go hiking somewhere :-)

  8. We've been to CRNP but not to Capitol Gorge - looks like it's a place to go when we return. I love the Rockpecker holes. Reminds me of a geology field trip a few years back to Zion, and on the way our instructor pointed out the long skinny holes in the road cuts (formed when the engineers were building the roads), and described the rock worms that created them.

  9. Great pictures! Once again! :) Gotta go with ESquared and Mui on walking behind you tho. LOL.

    And people think living in an RV is cramped! I love the historical pics you provided too. That stuff just fascinates me. BTW, googled it and here's a pic of a rockpecker perched on a cliff:

  10. Good one, Debra! A petrified rockpecker!


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