Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Green River in Canyonlands

I have visited the Moab area numerous times over the past 20 years, but never taken the Mineral Road, north of Canyonlands, down to the Green River. Since it was very hot out, a trip in the air-conditioned car seemed like a good idea.

The road goes down some steep switchbacks that were washed out a few years ago, but are now back in business.

The road then goes along the Green River, and enters Canyonlands National Park, where it becomes the west side of the White Rim Road.

We stopped for sunflower pictures -

And photos of Prince's Plume, this yellow flower along the riverbanks. Can you see how the Green River got its name?

Then we stopped for lunch at this old corral. So far the road has not been too bad.

It got a little scarier as it got closer to the river, but still not too bad.

This is a campsite along the river - has to be the prettiest one I've ever seen.

After passing the second campsite, the road got very sandy and started going uphill. Since we were by ourselves, we started looking for a place to turn around, and finally found this wide spot in the road.

The view from our turn-around spot, looking back towards the river.

The WINs were staying for a week at the Gold Bar group site on the Colorado River outside of Moab. We only stayed 2 nights in the area, then got out of town. The temperatures were over 100.


  1. Not sure how you'd get a rig up to that beautiful campsite. You guys need to head somewhere cooler. We're going to be 100 here in MT tomorrow for the wedding and then by the middle of next week it's cooling down into the 80's again.

  2. If you say it's the most beautiful campsite you've ever seen, I sit up and take notice! Nice photos but a scary-looking road hugging the river like that.

  3. I put in at the green for a 98 mile float down to the confluence with the Colorado... a wonderful float trip if you can ever do it...

  4. Way too hot in my mind to be exploring these areas. Better in spring and fall, yet gorgeous.

  5. That is definitely a super camp site. Surprised somebody wasn't there.

  6. Over 100 degrees in Denver today. I fled to the hills a couple days ago. Hope it cools off here soon.

    Great pics of the road along the river.

  7. 100 degrees, wow. You should spend summer in the UK, we have 15 C temps, high winds, heavy rainfall and floods in many places. Any wonder why Brits holiday abroad??? Great pics of another interesting place.

  8. I love visiting the great the winter!

  9. We're definitely going to have to visit when it is a lot cooler. Such lovely landscape though.

  10. I enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

  11. I don't know if I would have attempted that with only one vehicle. You always have been braver that me. What a wonderful trip, though.

  12. WOW Love that road, what a trip!! The river looked great!! I hear from my sis that its very hot in her part of CO right....we are in our humid and stormy period...SO there's not much relief in site till Sept. THAT campsite was the best Ive ever seen too!!


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