Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And the Winner Is ---

I'm still working on my entry in the flower category of the WIN photo contest, but first, let me tell you what else we've been doing. We had a birthday party for someone just about every day! This is Brad's 50th B-day - he's the baby of the group.

The next day we went to the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens - a great chance to get some good flower pictures. The Gardens combines art and plants in many of the exhibits.

AND they have lots and lots of rusty stuff!

I have been around Cottonwood trees for a while, but I never realized the cotton puffs were so huge!

Near the entrance was this gorgeous Smoke Bush.

And outside, they also had a lily pond.

They had a rainforest indoors.

This plant reminded me of the plant I saw in the South Pacific last year.

But I decided to enter this photo from our hike the other day. And it won! I now have a Russell Stove box of chocolates!

We've now moved up the hill to El Jebel, off I-70 on the road to Aspen. Hopefully, it will be cooler....


  1. I hate those cottonwood trees. Our neighbor here in Billings has two of them and we have cotton everywhere. Jim is going to have to go on the roof and clean out all the vents before we can leave. But I love the rest of your pictures. Beautiful gardens. Glad you got to see some more rusty stuff.

    Congrats on your picture win. You definitely deserved it.

  2. What some people will do for a box of chocolates :-))) Congrats on the win; well deserved.

  3. I thought that photo was a winner when I saw it on your previous post. Cake everyday? I'm joining the WINS asap!

  4. Hope your chocolates don't melt in all that heat. That's a good excuse to eat them all...

  5. What great pictures. I heard that it's a little warm there, I bet those chocolates are already gone.
    Watch out for thunder storms that's how those forest fires get started

  6. MY sis used to live right in Basalt near EL'Jebel..but she moved to Silt....Ya'll should go up to Meredith its always cool up there.
    Congrats on the photo win, its a terrific photo. We've had some beaituful weather but this weekend we are told the heat is COMING Our way.

  7. Congrats on the win. Yum, chocolates. I particularly like the water lily.

  8. Your winning photo is a beauty!

  9. Congratulations....ever though of putting your pictures into a travelog of the places you have visited?

  10. Hi Diana, I was just much does your trailer usually weigh, loaded? Do you have any trouble towing it up those mountain roads in Colorado? I do enjoy following you and the WIN's on your adventures, since I'm not able to travel these days.

  11. My trailer weighs 6000 lbs loaded, and the Yukon can pull 7500, so it has no trouble. Goes slower uphill, but so does everyone else.

  12. Your picture of the flower with the bee was certainly the best. Glad it won.


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