Thursday, June 21, 2012

Looking for Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy's hideout, Robbers Roost, is located in a very hidden spot here in Utah. We were determined to find it.

As you can see, it's located in the middle of nowhere. We headed east from Highway 24 just north of Hanksville.

The roads weren't too bad, except for this huge pile of sand blown across the road. Because of this, you really do need 4-wheel drive.

We had some GPS coordinates, and managed to find the parking area. (N 38d21'36" W 110d22'20")

From here you walk east about 1/2 mile. Our new friends promised to keep an eye on the car, while we searched for all that remains of the old cabin, a stone chimney.

Whoa! That's it!!!

I just couldn't believe we found it! Butch used this spot in the late 1880s to hide his stolen horses. He and the Wild Bunch also used it as a hideout after their bank robberies. Now, let me get a better picture of it...

I need a good foreground - well, how about a gift from one of our new friends?

Me posing with my buddy, Susie the Garmin. (N 38d21'40" W 110d21'57")

We didn't find Butch, but all around the chimney were poems tied to the bushes - some seem to have been written by children. It was a great adventure!


  1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was my favorite movie of all time. Sure too bad you didn't run into Paul or Robert while you were there. Glad you were so persistent and found it!!!

  2. WOW what a cool find. Glad you had all the equipment necessary to get there. Wonder how the school kids made it? Is it hikeable from any non 4wd road??


  3. A great adventure. I bet it was exciting to locate it by the co ordinates. Its nice to see a part of the "cowboy" history that fascinated me. Thanks.

  4. Now that was another amazing adventure! It's neat to link real history with your travels, and a little Hollywood thrown it, too.

  5. What a fun adventure - the mother of all geocaches!

  6. Fearless Adventuress Uncovers Butch Cassidy's Hideout -- I can see the headlines now (even if others know about the place) -)))

  7. Very cool! You just sent Annie shopping for a Jeep again. I thought Robert Redford was too cute for words back in the day. I'll bet The Kid wasn't nearly so dashing.

  8. That is amazing. Very impressive that you were able to find it. Like others have said, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was one of my favorite movies. I need to figure out how to view the movie again. Love the poems tied to the shrubs. Great post.

  9. That's pretty good when a GPS can get you to Robber's Roost and the good guys couldn't find the Kid there. Gorgeous country, for 4x4ing.

  10. Now THAT's a geocache! I see you found the decedents of their cattle herd too.


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